Professional TV Watcher

This is my second blog.  My first blog is random and unnewsworthy.  Literally.  That’s what I called it.  But I wanted to dedicate one specifically to writing about TV shows and movies.  That way I can finally say that yes, I do indeed have a theme and a topic that I write about.  It’s not so random anymore.  Though it may still be unnewsworthy.  But I’ll let the readers make that decision.

I’ve always hated it when people ask what my interests and hobbies are, or what I like to do in my spare time.  I could never come up with an answer.  I always just wanted to say that I like watching movies.  And I like watching TV.  But for some reason that sounded lame.  Why though?  If that’s what I like to do, why should I be ashamed of it?  People have book clubs, I’ve always thought there should be TV watching clubs as well.  Are there?  If they do exist then I would certainly like to know.

I remember several years ago, watching the show Greed on the game show network.  Sadly, I no longer get this channel.  I feel very deprived by the fact that this is lacking in my life.  Greed was similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, except that there was a team of people answering the questions instead of just one person.  This made things more interesting.  Before the game begins, host Chuck Woolery would ask the contestants a bit about themselves.  I remember one man said he was a journalist.  And that he watched 10 hours of TV a day.  And that he considered those 10 hours of TV to be part of his work, since that’s what he wrote about.  I had found my role model.  Ever since then, that has been my dream job.  To spend the day watching TV.  I know that 10 hours is a lot, but I’m sure I could handle it.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, right?

I’m not sure how one gets into the business of watching TV professionally.  Perhaps I should list it on my resume as one of my skills?  Will that give me some sort of an edge perhaps?  And then one day the right person will see it and take notice and request my services.  Because I’m that good.  I think I’m capable of watching TV better than the average person.  I’ve always been an excellent multitasker and I believe this quality will be an advantage to me while watching TV.  As a matter of fact, I’m watching TV while writing this post.  Impressive, no?



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