Stay tuned

I know I promised TV and movie reviews.  And that none have yet appeared.  Please be patient.  This is only day 2 of this blog.  In time, they will come.  I need to spend time watching said movies and TV shows first before I can blog about them.  And then I have to decide which of those movies and TV shows I actually feel like writing about.

In the mean time, here are some examples of the types of posts that may later appear on this blog…

Well these particular posts won’t appear on this blog.  Because they already appear on my other blog.  Having them appear on multiple blogs would just be overkill.  I suppose I could always delete them from there and recreate them here, since this blog would be a more fitting place for them.  I imagine they would feel more at home here.  But they probably don’t want to be destroyed either.  If I redo them here, they would no longer be their original selves, they would be like clones.  It just wouldn’t be the same.  I suppose they shall just have to remain where they are now, even though they might not completely fit in.  They will just have to learn to make do.

Think of this post as a sort of commercial break between shows.  Or rather, as a preview before the movie.  Yes, that makes more sense.  Sometimes the previews are good and sometimes they aren’t.  You have no way of knowing really.  You just have to take that chance and sit through them in order to pass the time for what you actually came for.  Or you could always kill that time getting popcorn or just show up late with the intention of skipping them.  But then you run the risk of a lousy seat.  And I’m pretty sure you’ll want to have a good seat for when you’re reading my blog.


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