“The world sees a dog.  He sees Wilfred.”  I saw this commercial several times and thought to myself, okay, I need to watch this to see what the hell it is.  I mean, I guess that commercial pretty much told you everything you needed to know.  What lingering questions could I possibly have?  How much more self explanatory could it be? Well for some reason the strange concept of it intrigued me just a little and I knew I had find out more.

Basically, this show stars Elijah Wood as this kind of depressed guy who for some reason starts seeing this dog, not as a dog, but as an Australian guy in a dog costume. And he talks to him. And they’re friends, I suppose. I’m not really a fan of Elijah Wood. My mom remarked that in the show he looks like “a troll or whatever he was in Lord of the Rings”. I corrected her that he was a hobbit, but agreed that yes, he did still look like that.  My mom and I watched one episode the other day. It was weirder than I’d expected it to be. I know, a show with a guy dressed up as a dog is weird? Who would’ve thought?

Let me give you a breakdown of the episode I saw. Elijah Wood is broke but doesn’t want to ask his sister for money. In effort to help him, Wilfred distracts him while driving, causing him to rear end this woman. Unfortunately, she happens to be an angry business woman who threatens to sue. Also, Wilfred is in a relationship with a giant stuffed bear. But the angry business woman has a son who has a giant stuffed giraffe. Wilfred suggests Elijah Wood pursue a romantic interest with the angry business woman, in order to give Wilfred a chance to spend time with the stuffed giraffe.

If that’s not already complicated enough, Elijah Wood is hesitant to have sex with this older woman, but knows if he doesn’t, he’ll have to pay her for the car damages. He struggles with the dilemma of which is more shameful, sleeping with her, or asking his sister for money.  Wilfred meanwhile has sex with the stuffed giraffe, while keeping this a secret from his girlfriend bear. Yeah, this show ended up being more vulgar than I expected, not something I would generally watch with my mom. Wilfred also swears and smokes pot.

Despite this fascinating story line, there are some issues with the show. Like where does Wilfred get the pot from, considering he’s supposed to actually be a dog.  At one point, we see Wilfred opening up the refrigerator and drinking milk out of the carton, while the
woman is in the room. My mom said “she doesn’t see him doing that? That’s what’s wrong with this.”. To which I replied “yeah, THAT’S what’s wrong with this…” Also how is the dog actually holding the carton with his paws?  We also wondered, why is he pursuing stuffed animals as love interests?  Why not other dogs?

So I guess Elijah Wood’s character is just crazy. And his only friend is a dog who he sees as a man dressed up as a dog who swears at him and gives him bad advice, seemingly meaning well. Yup. The show is based on the Australian sitcom of the same name. Wilfred is played by Jason Gann, who also played him in the Australian version. Perhaps there’s some sort of Aussie humor here, that just didn’t quite come across in the American version?

Maybe it’s because the episode we watched wasn’t the pilot. Maybe the pilot episode explains some things that are essential to watching the rest of the series? I know my mom will not be watching it again. But I kind of want to watch the pilot, just to see how it all begins. If I see it on again, I might just tune in if there’s nothing else on, or if I’m in the mood for something kind of terrible. I think I get the fx channel as a free preview for a little while longer, so why not? If you’re curious, I would say maybe maybe just watch one episode, take in all the weirdness of it, and then decide for yourself whether you want that weirdness to continue.


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