Mr. D

My opinion of this show is probably a bit biased because Gerry Dee is one of my favourite comedians.  It could’ve been complete crap and I still would’ve searched for good things to say about it and tried to put a positive spin on it.  Just the fact that he’s the star of the show makes it worth watching. When I heard about it, I knew I would like it.

Gerry Dee came in third on the fifth season of Last Coming Standing.  Yeah, I can’t remember how many seasons that show had. Reality shows nowadays just continue on and on for as long as they possibly can.  Just look at Survivor and Big Brother.  I loved his material on the show and though he was much better than Jon Reep, the winner of that season.

In his material, he talks openly and honestly about his life, a lot of it reflecting on when he was a teacher.  I won’t repeat any of his jokes, because me trying to explain them wouldn’t do them justice.  He’s just a funny guy.  I would watch his Gerry Dee Sports Reporter segments on The Score, even though I wasn’t watching the sports that they came on between.

In his new sitcom, he plays a teacher, probably similar to the kind he was in real life.  So, not a very good one.  He admits this in his stand up comedy, saying that he would be learning the material as he was teaching it, and would use the smart kid’s answers as the answer key for his marking.  He even admits to having lost an entire stack of exams one time after going camping with his buddies.  How can you not love and appreciate that kind of honesty?

The pilot episode of Mr. D aired today.  His character is kind of clueless as a teacher, but really full of himself as he pretends to know what he’s talking about.  He says and does stupid things, but is pretty much at all times hilarious.  Much of it is supposed to be based on his real life experiences as a teacher.  I don’t know whether to feel bad for those kids for  having to put up with him, or to envy them for having such an awesome teacher.

As with most of the Canadian sitcoms I watch (not that there are that many), I don’t actually know anyone else who also watches them, other than my family members.  This is sad, as I have no one with whom to discuss these funny and promising shows.  With Mr. D, I think you’ll appreciate the show more if you’ve seen any if Gerry Dee’s stand up comedy.  But even if you haven’t, you’ll still laugh.


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