Yeah, Rob Schneider decided to come out with his own sitcom.  My question is why?  I hate Rob Schneider.  Well, maybe hate is a strong word.  But I just find him kind of annoying and not that funny.  Also, what is it with TV shows where the title is just simply the name of the lead character?  Could they not get any more creative than that?  When I first saw the commercials for it, I thought it was called iRob.  Because the title was displayed like this iRob!  Okay, I just used an i, cause I don’t know how to type an upside down ! on the computer.  I could change my keyboard settings to Spanish, but I can’t be bothered.

This reason for the upside down exclamation mark, I guess is because the premise of the show is that he marries into a Mexican family.  Of course his wife is young and hot, because that’s how they do these types of sitcoms.  The main guy is annoying and/or unattractive, while his wife is young and beautiful.  Because that’s the typical formula for a sitcom.  In some cases, it works and we are able to get past this, because other things make up for it and the show is funny.  This is not one of those shows.

Why did I even watch it?  Well, my mom had this idea that we should tape the pilot episodes of new shows that are on.  Even if we already know they’ll be terrible.  So we did.    And also because we figure certain ones aren’t going to last more than three episodes.  As far as this show goes, in the words of my mom, “This may not even last 3 shows, I’m surprised it got made.”  Another thing my mom had to say about this show was “It’s sad when a show is crappier than Work It.”

The only good thing I can say about it is that Rob Schneider could have been more annoying.  The fact that he wasn’t was probably due to how the characters around him were portrayed by comparison.  In this episode, Rob has just gotten married, and they have to break the news to his wife’s family, who, big surprise, does not warm up to Rob.  What a shocker.

I don’t really have much else to say about it.  It wasn’t funny.  It was dull.  And I didn’t really like any of the characters.  But I guess there’s someone out there who liked it?  Enough to air it in the first place.  We’ll see if it does indeed last three episodes.  But regardless of how many more episodes they air, I will not be watching it again.



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