New Girl

I love Zooey Deschanel.  Well, love is a strong word.  I like her.  I loved 500 Days of Summer, but I think Joseph Gordon Levitt takes most of the credit for why.  I liked Zooey in movies, but when I saw the pilot episode of New Girl, I liked her even more.  I thought I had found my new favourite show.  But then a few episodes later, I began to question myself on this matter.

I’m not sure what it was about the pilot episode.  It was just good.  It was funny and able to encompass material that I liked in a sitcom.  I was very happy that this was a show that had an awkward central female character.  That to me, was awesome.  And the character of Jess was just full of awkwardness.  Her quirky behaviour was very refreshing.  The jokes and references were good and it worked.  I was looking forward to a whole season of this.  But somewhere, somehow, the awesomeness of it was lost.

Of the three guys Jess moves in with, Coach was my favourite.  I thought it was incredibly misleading for them to introduce his character in the pilot as a regular on the show, only to replace him so that we never see him again.  I understand that it’s because the show Happy Endings was renewed for another season and so Damon Wayans Jr. had to leave New Girl for that.  But still, very misleading and unfortunate to rid me of my favourite character.

They didn’t even really explain the switch that well.  Their friend Winston was moving back, and since his name was on the lease and Coach was subletting, he had to leave.  But just because he no longer lives there, why would he be cut completely out of their lives?  Where did he go?  It’s not that the character of Winston is horrible or anything, he just doesn’t seem to add as much value to the show is all.  He’s sort of just, there.  He’s okay, but he’s not great.

My least favourite character right now is Nick.  Funny enough, I didn’t mind him earlier on and thought he was okay.  In about the second or so episode, he may even have briefly been my new favourite when Coach left.  I don’t know how that would have been possible, seeing as how annoying I find him now.  All he does is whine all the time in a really whiny voice.  In the “Naked” episode when he did that weird strip thing in front of the mirror, I thought what the hell is this and why is it going on for so long?

And that leaves us with Schmidt, the douche bag.  In the first few episodes, he wasn’t my favourite.  Naturally, why would a douche bag be my favourite?  In real life, I hate that kind of person.  Speaking of douche bags, I absolutely love the concept of the douche bag jar.  I think that was my favourite thing in the pilot episode and in the show in general.  I wish that I could carry around one of those jars when I go out and charge people for being douche bags.  I swear I would be rich after just one night.  Despite being a douche bag, Schmidt grew on me and is now my favourite.  His character is somehow likable and funny.  Also, he can cook, which is an obvious plus.

There were a few episodes in there that I didn’t much care for, but I suppose that’s the case with any sitcom.  You can’t love them all.  I do think it’s starting to get better again though.  Maybe because the last episode involved the douche bag jar?  It’s not quite at the level of awesome that I remember the pilot to be.  But I can still wait and hope for that awesomeness to return.  Maybe it’ll happen if Coach comes back for an episode and guest stars.


2 thoughts on “New Girl

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  2. I completely agree. I love New Girl at the beginning and thought as having it as one of my regular shows, but then I felt like they were over exaggerating the way the characters interact with one another and it makes it a bit unrealistic at times. I do however still find it funny and I use it as one of those shows that you watch when u have nothing else to watch and you put on an episode

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