Toy Story 3

I love the Toy Story movies.  I remember as a kid going to see the first one in theatres, and my cousin jumping up and down out of his seat because he was so excited at the part where Buzz flies, or rather, falls with style.  Most sequels I don’t really care for, and Disney is no exception.  But Toy Story 2 and 3 were exceptions.

I watched Toy Story 3 again recently at my friend’s place, because it was the best thing we could come up with to watch at the time.  And it was a good choice.  In this setting, I found myself beginning to actually analyze certain things in the movie, because I was among friends where we could just say whatever the hell we were thinking.  I won’t get into it too much, because I do not want to give the impression that I’m trying to tear down this movie at all.  I just want to state a few things that came to mind as I watched it again.

To refresh your memories, the third one is the one where Andy is going off to college, and the toys are left worried about their fate.  It’s been a while since they’ve been played with, seeing as Andy is now 17 years old and has more important things to do.  Up until this point, I had watched these movies with my family.  Being with friends, our minds tend to wander in a certain direction.  Towards the gutter.  My friend speculated as to whether the toys may have witnessed Andy doing things that most 17 year old boys do.  In the privacy of their own bedrooms.  Not knowing that their toys can see everything.  That would be somewhat disturbing, don’t you think?

In one scene, the toys talk about how someday Andy will get married and maybe have kids of his own, and then they will get played with again.  That seems rather a long time to wait.  If that’s what they’re hoping for, the toys should really be trying to form a plan to get Andy a girlfriend and then hope he knocks her up.  I wonder why they never considered that for a story line.  Toy Story 4: Getting Andy Laid.  I think it has potential.

When the toys get themselves stuck at the daycare where things are not at all what they expected, at one point, Jessie says that it was all her fault.  Woody then says no, that they shouldn’t blame her.  At that point, I’m yelling it is your fault, bitch!  Yeah, not a big fan of Jessie.  When Woody tries to tell them that they still belong to Andy and they should respect what he wants, they mention that they don’t belong to anyone anymore and can be free.  This seems reminiscent of a someone in a relationship who is sick of being tied down.  Rather than committing to one person, the toys are now free to be played with by everyone.  Andy’s name written on them in sharpie is sort of like a tramp stamp and like when someone has a tattoo of the name of their ex.

If they added a few things and took these ideas further, they could make an R rated version.  But enough of that.  Let’s focus on Andy for a minute.  In terms of them getting him a girlfriend, I realized that plot wouldn’t work.  Cause I think Andy might be gay.  I mean what 17 year old still plays with a cowboy doll?  Also, has he hit puberty yet?  From listening to his voice, it sure doesn’t sound like it.  Even if he’s not gay, I don’t think his chances with the ladies are that great.  What’s his pick up line gonna be?  Wanna see my Woody…?

At one point, Andy’s mom tells him to get his toys together and figure out which ones to keep and put in the attic and such.  She tell him he’s got to be more responsible now.  Yeah, because nothing says responsibility like gathering up all your old toys.  Also when he  drives to the little girl’s house with the toys, he’s on his way to college.  But apparently even though he’s in a hurry to get there, college can wait while he plays with toys for a couple hours.  Really?

All things considered, I love this movie.  And I do apologize if I’ve tainted it slightly for you with my thoughts.  But apparently these are the sort of things that go through my mind when I watch these movies now.  I could go further, but I won’t.  I hear they might be making a Toy Story 4.  Who knows what thoughts that one will evoke?