Pan Am

I really like Pan Am.  There aren’t a lot of one hour shows that I have the patience to sit through and follow regularly.  PVR helped, since I often didn’t feel like watching it late on Sunday night.  But I was able to keep up with all the episodes.  Apparently I enjoy period dramas.  Who knew?

Pan Am focuses on the lives of 4 stewardesses and 2 pilots who worked for the Pan American World Airways in the early 1960s.  Christina Ricci plays Maggie Ryan, the purser for Pan Am.  When I first watched this, I thought what the hell is a purser?  I believe it basically refers to the head flight attendant who oversees the rest of the crew.  I like how her character stands up for herself and is very outspoken and opinionated.  She demonstrates this when she talks back to the woman doing the weigh-ins, and stabs a passenger with a fork for coming onto her.

Karine Vanasse plays Colette Valois, a French stewardess.  She is always very pleasant, patient, and understanding.  She develops a relationship with pilot Dean Lowrey, played by Mike Vogel.  Their relationship undergoes many complications throughout the episodes.

Kelli Garner plays Kate Cameron, who gets recruited by the CIA, as being a Pan Am Stewardess seems to make for a good cover.  I remember my mom mentioning that it seems like throwing in the espionage into the story was sort of implying that being a flight attendant wasn’t interesting enough in itself.  I thought that Kate’s story was still good and not too overdone as it could have been.

Margot Robbie plays Kate’s younger sister who is new to the airline business.  She has just left her fiance, after feeling too much pressure from her family to go through with the wedding.  Her following in her sister’s footsteps and becoming a stewardess allows her to experience life on her own and gain a sense of independence.  Sexual tension develops between her and First Officer, Ted Vanderway, played by Michael Mosley.

I think I watched all of the episodes.  I was annoyed that episode 13 was out of order.  When I started watching it, I got very confused and then though that it must be a rerun of an episode I had missed.  Because it didn’t make sense otherwise.  They could have easily played it in the proper sequence so as not to confuse people.  Laura had already taken nude pictures and Ginny was already out of Dean’s life, as Nico was out of Kate’s life.  Why bring all that back up when the series was ending?

I’m upset that it has been cancelled.  I liked it as a whole, but was disappointed with the finale.  I mean it sort of tied up a few things but not really.  I know they couldn’t just make everything end perfectly, but still, I’m left wondering what happens.  Does Colette find her brother, and then get back together with Dean as he helps her in the process?  Do things go back to normal when he gets his job back in six months?  Does Maggie stop with the smuggling and eventually pursue something in politics?  Does Kate leave Pan Am to be a full time agent?  And most importantly, does Laura become Ted’s mistress?  That’s not what either of them wanted.  Maybe Amanda isn’t really pregnant or has a miscarriage?  But that would just be too convenient.

In any case, I guess it’s not coming back, from what I’ve heard?  I guess it was good while it lasted.  Some of the episodes along the way did have a few dull parts and plot lines, but overall I think it was a good show.  And it did momentarily almost make me wish I’d pursued one of my dreams of being a flight attendant.


All This, and Heaven Too

I am not referring to the song by Florence + the Machine (although I do like it).  There is no comma in that song title.  I am referring to the 1940’s film starring Bette Davis.  Why am I watching old movies instead of listening to new music?  Because I can.  Because I have random movie channels that play random movies, both new and old.  And because sometimes I have nothing better to do.  And after all, this blog is called what are we watching, not what are we listening to.

In this movie, Bette Davis plays a governess for a family where she is loved by the children and their father, but despised by their mother.  And due to no fault of her own, unfortunate circumstances and events seem to play out for her.  She is more of a mother to the children than their own mother appears to be, although maybe that was the case in a rich family that had a governess.  But the mother is cold and rude and doesn’t seem to care for the well being of her own children.  She is also insanely jealous.  I just kept thinking “wow, what a bitch.”At one point the governess tells her that the little boy is too sick to go out, but she forces him to accompany her, and as a result, he becomes very ill.

My favourite thing about this movie is the little boy.  When he’s sick, you’re worried that he might die, and when he’s well, he’s just so cute.  The way he talks to his father and says “pa paw” is adorable, but not as adorable as when he refers to the governess as mademoiselle, but pronounces it “mum-selle”.  Richard Nichols, who played the boy is now 76 years old.  I’m not sure if he went on to other roles as an adult.  But either way, playing that four year old boy had to have been his best role.

The movie was a bit long, but I didn’t mind it.  I found myself getting angry as I watched it.  Which is good, because that meant that it was holding my attention.  I was angry at the circumstances that Bette Davis’ character was faced with, and at how bitchy the mother was, and at how stupid the father was.  Love grows between him and the governess but is never acted upon.  But this movie seems to explore the idea that the love itself could be considered a crime.  Well there is an actual crime committed as well, but I don’t want to spoil it in the off chance you might actually want to watch it.  Although when I watched the movie, it was already spoiled, as it was stated in the movie description on my TV.

If you do happen to ever be in the mood for an old drama romance movie, this one isn’t bad.  Though if you’re like me, certain things about it might make you angry.  It bothers me that the governess has to suffer even though she is guilt free.  But things work out for her in the end.  And it was actually based on a book that was based on a true story.  I’m not sure if that makes it better or not.  But if nothing else, just watching the scenes with the little boy in them makes this movie worth it.