I was so sick and tired of seeing the commercials for this show.  It was always the same one every time and it made the show look boring.  It made me not even want to watch it.  But I decided to give it a chance.  But I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I don’t really care for musicals.  Which begs the question why do I watch Glee?  I don’t have an answer for that.

It’s nice to see that Katherine McPhee is doing well.  I think season 5 of American Idol was one of the last ones I watched.  It’s surprising I watched for that long.  But she’s an amazing singer and it’s great that she’s getting work.  I love it when the contestants who didn’t win American Idol do far better than the winners could even hope for.  I mean what the hell is Taylor Hicks doing nowadays?  I know, you’re thinking Taylor who?

I like Debra Messing but I was confused when I saw that this show starred her.  I was like, wait isn’t this a show about singing?  And then I realized that there’s actually a story line and everything too.  My my said that she would watch it if it didn’t have Debra Messing in it.  She’s not her biggest fan.  Although we used to watch Will & Grace together all the time.  But I guess that was more for Karen and Jack than it was for Will and Grace.  But we also watched The Wedding Date together (when it was on TV), which was a terrible movie that I loved.

When I saw Anjelica Huston in this, I just kept thinking of The Addams Family.  She still kind of has that Morticia Addams look about her.  But I guess that’s just her face.

When the show started Katherine McPhee was singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I thought really?  I was prepared for something boring or not to my taste.  I don’t know why, that song’s just not my favourite.  But I was delighted that her performance was cut short, as it was her auditioning for a part where she was interrupted when one of the panellist’s cell phones rings.  I thought there would be excessive singing in this show, but I think it had just the right amount, so that even someone who hates musicals can enjoy it.

Smash focuses on the making of a musical about Marilyn Monroe and the people who are involved in its creation.  Debra Messing’s character is supposed to be taking a break from writing and musicals for the year so that she and her husband can focus on adopting a baby.  But then this Marilyn idea comes up and she can’t say no.  I don’t see the whole adoption thing happening.  They already have a son.  I think the musical will be her new baby.  Which will no doubt create further tension with her and her husband.  I don’t know if things will work out for them.  She seems to spend more time with her gay song writing partner anyway, which makes me reminisce about Will & Grace, where Will was always by her side, throughout her various relationships.

Katherine McPhee’s character is a waitress who is trying to live out her dreams in the big city.  Her parents want her to be more realistic with her goals and try to convince her to be practical about her decisions, while her boyfriend is the exact opposite, overly supportive and believes in her almost to the point where it’s sickening.  She auditions for the role of Marilyn and the director finds it refreshing that she’s the only one who doesn’t dress the part.

She gets a call back, but so does Megan Hilty‘s character, who seems to fit the part perfectly, with her blonde hair, voluptuousness, and amazing voice.  I feel like Katherine McPhee isn’t curvy enough to play Marilyn.  It seems the next few episodes will involve heated competition for the role, as it comes down to the two of them to play the part.  I feel like we’re meant to sympathize with and root for Katherine McPhee’s character, but I like Megan Hilty’s character too.

In case you were wondering, I did like the show.  It has a lot of promise.  And I have to continue watching, because I need to see who gets to play the role of Marilyn.  And how many episodes it will take before they make that decision.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they drag that out for as long as possible.


Today Is Friday

That probably makes you think of Rebecca Black doesn’t it?  And now you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head?  Well, that was actually not my intention.  If I wanted to make you think of Rebecca Black, I would have called this post “Friday” or “It’s Friday” or “Gotta Get Down on Friday”.  Or something like that.  Everyone associates Friday with Rebecca Black.  But am I the only one who remembers the song Today is Friday by Nuclear Donkey?  Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about?  Here…

Now do you remember?  Or am I the only one?  Sadly I couldn’t find an actual video of them singing it.  But at least I was able to find the song.  I used to love watching YTV.  It was great when I was a kid.  YTV provided classic after school entertainment for kids.  I remember watching it when they had Treehouse with PJ Phil.  And PJ Katie’s farm.  And the Hit List.  I remember watching Camp Cariboo and Rupert and Wishbone and Reboot.  And Pinky and the Brain and Sailor Moon and Dexter’s Laboratory.  I think YTV had much better taste back in the 90s.

Nuclear Donkey was a band formed by Jenny and Pat on the Zone on YTV.  I specifically remember watching it when they sang the song Today Is Friday (Donkey Sneakers).  I remember thinking how completely random it was.  “Today is Friday, I hope you put your shoes on” and “Today is Friday, I hope you got your pants on” were random but also brilliant lyrics in my mind.  Thinking about it kind of makes me want to go out and buy the YTV Big Fun Party Mix CD.  So I can remember the awesomeness once again.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then I feel bad for you.  It would be upsetting to know that Rebecca Black’s song is the only Friday song that you’re familiar with.  I’m so glad I was exposed to one long before it.  I mean technically there’s also Friday I’m in Love by the Cure and Just Got Paid (Friday Night) by Johnny Kemp (yes, the N’sync version was a cover).  And now there’s Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night as well.  But I’ll always remember the one by Nuclear Donkey because it makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of my YTV watching days as a kid.

I just thought I would share that since today is Friday.  And I’m tired of people quoting and singing Rebecca Black when this day rolls around.  I mean sure people love “partying” and I know that “everybody’s looking forward to the weekend”.  But more importantly, I do “hope you got your pants on”.  Please, for the sake of those around you.  And “I hope you put your shoes on” if you’re going outside.  Pat and Jenny really knew what they were talking about.  “Today is Friday, thanks for putting your clothes on.”


Joyful Noise

What movie is that again?  Oh, you know, it’s the choir competition one with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah.  I know, you’re thinking what, but that’s not in theatres until Friday, how have you seen it already?  Or, more likely, you’re thinking, why?  Simple, my mom won tickets to the preview.  Yeah, it would’ve been nice if she’d won tickets to something I actually wanted to see, but I’ll take what I can get.

I went in with zero expectations.  Because, well, do I really need to explain why?  Dolly Parton’s husband, the choir director dies in the beginning of the film and Queen Latifah is appointed as the new director instead of her.  Based on the commercials for this movie, it looked as though Dolly Parton was the one who was going to be all upset and jealous.  Actually, I found her character to be pretty nice and reasonable.  Queen Latifah was the one who was a self righteous bitch the whole time.  Throughout the movie I kept thinking why is she so bitchy?  As the movie progresses, we see life circumstances that have contributed to said bitchiness, but still.  And to add to this drama, there’s the common love story between Queen Latifah’s daughter and Dolly Parton’s grandson.

You know when you get the DVD for a movie and watch the deleted scenes, and there are some that are completely unnecessary and you can see why they weren’t included in the movie?  I felt like some of the scenes in this movie could fall into that category, except that for some reason, they weren’t deleted.  About 20 minutes into the movie, I thought, how is this going to be 2 hours long?  An example of an unnecessary scene is when they show Queen Latifah in her job at the hospital as a nurse and a patient grabs her arm, causing her to drop a bedpan that she has just removed from his bed.  Literally, that’s the whole scene.  What was the point of that?  My guess is it’s supposed to make us feel sorry for her?  There’s also a scene in which Dolly Parton sings a rather boring song and there’s a vision of her dead husband dancing with her.  The song was really long and repetitive.  I could have done without it.

The singing was generally good though.  I like Keke Palmer, who plays Queen Latifah’s daughter and I think she has a good voice.  I guess Jeremy Jordan was alright too.  Their love story was one of those typical things but I didn’t mind watching it.  I preferred it to seeing Queen Latifah act all moody.

I find that there are some weird people who go to movie previews.  A lot of times during the movie, people in the audience would laugh.  And my mom would turn to me and ask “Why are they laughing?”  And I would respond with “I don’t know!”  After the movie was over, I overheard an older lady beside us saying “Wasn’t that good?  That was so good!”, as if it was the greatest thing she had ever seen.  This confused me.  I’ll say that the movie was okay.  The fact that it was free probably helped.