No, I’m not writing a blog post about something that I’ve lost.  I’m writing a blog post on the new TV series that aired last Thursday.  Missing stars Ashley Judd as Rebecca Winstone, a former CIA agent whose son, Michael, played by Nick Eversman, has just gone missing.  Her son goes off to college in Rome, on his own for the first time.  We see a flashback from when he was a boy and his father, played by Sean Bean, is killed when his car blows up.  Luckily, the boy goes back inside where he has forgotten his soccer ball, or else he would have been killed as well.

Before going off to college, Michael comes up with a code which he can text his mother which means “I love you”.  He explains to her that he can’t possibly text the words “I love you” when he’s with his friends.  I forget what the code is.  Something like 26@4a something.  That’s probably not even close.  But whatever.  Soon after he leaves, she checks her phone and receives that text.  But seriously, he’s not with his friends yet at that point, he could easily have just texted “I love you”.

As the weeks go by, Rebecca stops hearing from her son, and senses that something is wrong.  She finds out that he’s left his dorm and stopped going to classes and been kicked out of the program.  This isn’t like him, so she goes to Rome to find him.  I thought it would’ve been funny if it turned out that he actually had just decided to drop out and he was totally fine.  But I guess that’s not the direction they decided to go in.  When we first heard about this show, my mom basically told me not to end up missing somewhere, because she wouldn’t do whatever it takes to come and look for me.  Well she didn’t say it in those words exactly, but I think it was implied.  I don’t blame her though, she hates travelling and as far as I know has never had any CIA training.

It’s convenient that Rebecca is a former CIA agent and not just a typical soccer mom, or else she wouldn’t be able to go to the lengths that she does to get her son back.  Although to be fair, her son being taken probably has something to do with her being a former CIA agent.  Also, I wonder if maybe her husband didn’t actually blow up in the car and is still alive somewhere.  Sean Bean has a recurring role, so maybe he’s alive, unless it’s all just a bunch of flashbacks that he’s in.

Even though she’s spent 10 years away from the CIA, she’s retained all the skills and tactics as if she’d never left.  This is a great series to watch if you love to see a lot of action scenes in which Ashley Judd kicks some serious ass.  I kind of feel like it should be a movie.  Partly because I have a short attention span.  Or maybe I just want it to be one so I can find out sooner what happens and how it ends.  I would assume it would end with her finding her son.  But if they want to have multiple seasons, then how will the first season end?  How long will they draw out the story of her trying to find her son?

There’s a lot of action and it is interesting, so I think I’ll invest in watching it for now and see where it goes.  Since her son’s been taken, and in Europe, I was reminded of the movie Taken with Liam Neeson for a moment.  Except now it’s mother and son instead of father and daughter.  In terms of the “I love you” code, I think it’s going to come up in every episode, because Rebecca comes to a place where her son has been, and he has written it on the wall.  Convenient that no one else knows what the hell that means.  I’m guessing writing “I love you” on the wall would not have the same effect.  In any case, this show looks promising, and it’s cool to see a mother kicking ass and doing everything she can in order to get her child back.  Even if my own mother wouldn’t do that for me.


Monday night at 8pm

I have a dilemma.  Not a real life dilemma.  A dilemma in terms of being able to watch what I want to watch on Monday night at 8pm.  There are 3 shows that I would like to PVR.  Mr. D, House, and How I Met Your Mother.  All new episodes.  I will not be here at that time and so recording them is essential for my viewing pleasure.  We can record up to 3 things at once.  So no problem, right?

Well unfortunately I am not the only one who wants to record things at that time.  My mom and my sister have been watching episodes of She Spies, which is a show from 2003.  I used to watch a few episodes of She Spies with my mom way back when.  Now I guess it’s my sister’s turn.  It’s an okay show I suppose.  Sort of a Charlie’s Angels type thing.  Where the 3 girls are former criminals turned good and are now working for a secret government agency.

It's okay, but I feel like they're Charlie's Angels wannabes

I will watch it in passing if it’s on, if they happen to be watching it and I have nothing better to do.  But not before my shows that I follow that have new episodes.  And certainly not instead of them.  I went into the PVR and set the recordings for my shows.  And then I had to “resolve conflict” so that they would record.  As it stands now, they will tape instead of She Spies.  But since I won’t be home at the time, they will easily go in and change that.

At least we can agree on this.

My mom also watches Mr. D, and so I know she will not delete that one.  So it’s either House or How I Met Your Mother than I will lose.  I am not sure which.  The funny thing is I started watching House because my mom introduced me to the show.  And then she lost interest.  But I didn’t.  Now I follow it alone.  I will admit it’s not quite what it once was, but I still love it.  I have a feeling she may just cancel How I Met Your Mother, out of spite, because she finds it annoying.

It's not annoying, it's awesome!

But maybe, just maybe, they will agree to forgo recording She Spies.  I mean it’s not like they’re watching them in order at all.  You don’t need to watch them in order.  Plus it’s 9 years old.  Even though most of the recordings that day are mine, I think new episodes should trump old ones.  It just makes sense.  It’s not my fault that my TV preferences differ from theirs.  Why should I be punished for that?

How can you not love House?

I know, you’re going to tell me to just go and find episodes online like everyone else.  But then I have to go search for them.  I already use the computer for so many things, I don’t want to add that to the list.  And whenever I try to look up shows online, I somehow find sites where they aren’t free or aren’t accessible.  I don’t know why, but I kind of fail at it.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to watch my shows on a TV.  That’s how it was meant to be.